History & Future of Dark Matter

We are pleased to announce the “History & Future of Dark Matter” symposium which will take place in the 17th century Koepelkerk in downtown Amsterdam on 22 June 2014. The symposium is open to the scientific community and the public alike, so everybody is welcome to attend! However, attendance is by registration only (tickets cost €15,00).

An extraordinary discovered has recently revolutionized Particle Physics and Cosmology. The understanding of the Universe had proceeded rather linearly from the beginning of the 20th century, when Hubble had discovered the expansion of the Universe. But when, in the 1970s, scientists tried to put together the many pieces of the cosmic puzzle to come up with a consistent cosmological model, these pieces just didn’t seem to fit. To complete the puzzle, the existence of a new form of matter, dark matter, had to be postulated. [Text adapted from the book “Behind the Scenes of the Universe”, by Gianfranco Bertone]

Eight world-leading scientists who pioneered the discovery of dark matter and its detection strategies will discuss the history and future of dark matter studies. The event will consist of two series of 3 presentations, each followed by a round table discussion with experts in Cosmology and in the History of Science.

We hope top see you at Koepelkerk on 22 June 2014!