02/12/2019: Philipp Moesta joined GRAPPA

We are delighted to welcome Philipp Moesta as a faculty member at GRAPPA, shared between IHEF and API. Philipp’s research focuses on high-energy general-relativistic astrophysics.



Philipp expressed his excitement by stating, I am very excited to be joining GRAPPA and building up a multimessenger astrophysics group here. It is transformative time to be working in general-relativistic astrophysics with the routine detection of gravitational waves, electromagnetic signals, and neutrinos from the most powerful explosions in the universe. I am particularly looking forward to exploring the connections between my expertise in simulating these explosions with the already existing gravitation and astroparticle groups at GRAPPA and am thrilled to be working together with the outstanding students, postdocs and staff members in Physics and Astronomy at UvA and Nikhef across the road.”


Philipp has started working with GRAPPA in July 2019. We look forward to his contributions to our intellectual community for many years to come.