25/04/2018: Mini-Workshop “Empirical Status of Cosmology”

On April 25, we will host a mini-workshop on the empirical status of cosmology, with the following programme:
When: Wednesday, April 25 at 2.30pm
Where: Room C4.174
– 2.30pm: Jeroen van Dongen “Introduction: Philosophy, cosmology and the empirical in modern physics”
– 2.45pm: Joe Silk “The limits of cosmology”
– 3.05pm: Daniel¬†Baumann¬†“Empirical status of inflation”
– 3.25pm: Ben Freivogel “Multiverse”
– 3.45pm-4.30pm: Discussion
For more information please contact Gianfranco Bertone or Jeroen van Dongen.