GRAPPA Display @ Science Park 904

We have recently installed a small exhibition describing the activities of the GRAPPA institute on the first floor of the UvA Science building at Science Park 904.


The top shelf contains an overall description of GRAPPA and some public science book by our members.

The third shelf from the top currently has a LEGO model for the ATLAS detector at LHC, while the bottom shelf contains some theses from GRAPPA students.

On the second shelf from the top, we have a digital display showing several images/animations: the Bullet cluster; a dark matter ring around a galaxy cluster; a movie from the Millennium dark matter simulation; a picture of the recently discovered Fermi bubbles; an artistic impression of the planned Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA); a movie of the real-time operation of the High Energy Stereoscopic System (HESS) provided by our member Arnim Balzer; an illustration of the Cosmological Inflation Theory; a picture of the Planck satellite and its recently published sky map; a simulation of the decay and merging of a double black hole binary system; a picture of the Cassiopeia A Nebula, the gaseous remnant of a supernova; a combined X-ray/optical image of a Pulsar Wind Nebula; an image of Sagittarius A* as obtained by the NASA Chandra satellite; and, finally, a simulation of cooling losses during accretion into the Super Massive black hole Sagittarius A* is provided by our member Solame Dibi.

Enjoy our display!