Completed GRAPPA MSc Thesis Projects

Matthew LiskaLarge scale numerical GRMHD simulations of AGN jets: Studying jet acceleration and causal structure using a new GPU-based code“, Supervisor: Sera Markoff (2015)

Nastasha WijersThe small scale dark matter power spectrum using the halo model“, Supervisor: Shin’ichiro Ando, Daily Supervisor: Mattia Fornasa  (July 2016)

Joost VeenkampA Precision Optical Calibration Module for IceCube-Gen2“, Supervisors: Patrick Decowski (UvA), Elisa Resconi (TUM Munich) (January 2016)

Michael MuusseAstroparticle physics at the LHC – Dark matter search in ATLAS“, Supervisor: Davisd Berge, Daily Supervisor: David Salek (Summer 2015)

Lars Aalsma “Going beyond the effective theory of inflation“, Supervisor: Jan Pieter van der Schaar (Summer 2015)

Michiel Bustraan “Particle Acceleration in Solar System Shocks“, Supervisor: Jacco Vink (Summer 2015)

Djoeke SchoonenbergGamma rays from dark matter subhalos in the Milky Way: predictions for detectability with Fermi-LAT“, Supervisor: Gianfranco Bertone, Daily Supervisor: Jennifer Gaskins (Summer 2015)

Veerle Tammer “An astrophysical explanation for the Galactic Center GeV excess: On the possibility of an active past of the Galactic Center“, Supervisor: Gianfranco Bertone, Daily Supervisor: Francesca Calore (Summer 2015)

Richard Bartels “Non-Thermal Emission from Galaxy Clusters: Predictions for X-Ray Satellites“, Supervisor: Shin’ichiro Ando, Daily Supervisor: Fabio Zandanel (Summer 2014)

Omer TzukCMB spectrum: Spectral Distortions Due to Energy Injection from supersymmetric CDM Candidates“, Supervisor: Shin’ichiro Ando, , Daily Supervisor: Maria E. Cabrera (Summer 2014)

David Homan “AGN in the Extragalactic Gamma Ray Background: Using the variability of AGN observed by Fermi-LAT to reduce the EGRB“, Supervisor: Shin’ichiro Ando, Daily Supervisor: Fabio Zandanel (Summer 2014)

Gijsbert Tijsseling “Modeling a dual mirror Cherenkov telescope to analyse pointing precision“, Supervisor: David Berge, Daily Supervisor: Arnim Balzer (Summer 2014)

Andrea Chiappo “Indirect Dark Matter Searches with Cosmic X-ray Background Analysis: Forecasting for keV Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter detection from anisotropies in the X-ray sky“, Supervisor: Shin’ichiro Ando, Daily Supervisors: Irene Tamborra, Fabio Zandanel (Summer 2014)

Laura van de Schaaf “Determination of the angular location of a supernova“, Supervisor: Shin’ichiro Ando, Daily Supervisor: Irene Tamborra (Summer 2014)

Mark Wanders “Dark matter self-annihilation signals from Galactic dwarf spheroidals; intermediate mass black holes and mini-spikes“, Supervisor: Gianfranco Bertone (Summer 2014)

Anna Gimbrere  “Kaluza Klein spectra from compactified and warped extra dimensions“, Supervisor: Ben Freivogel (Summer 2014)

Margot Brouwer “Dark matter indirect searches with dwarf spheroidals: Prospects for GAMMA-400“, Supervisor: Gianfranco Bertone, Daily Supervisor: Christoph Weniger (Summer 2013)